Day 8

So after many false alarms of trying to poop then actually going I am experiencing some symptoms again maybe from wiping or just a flare. Burning while peeing, some fissures, but still no itching. This is the after picture I took on left of me on day 8 and again the before from 10 days ago on right.

You should see the other guy

Bruises always look worst when they are healing. I’m a bruiser always and these are to be expected but this is why I’m sore. My vagina is still symptom free and still is looking great. Will take a pic once a week leading up to my second stem cell treatment in 3 weeks. Will them film the O shot and the laser. That should be pretty. Haha

I am beyond blessed to be able to have such a loving doctor and staff that cared enough to let me do these treatments. I pray that one day these will be available for all LS suffers. Love you guys.