You should see the other guy

Bruises always look worst when they are healing. I’m a bruiser always and these are to be expected but this is why I’m sore. My vagina is still symptom free and still is looking great. Will take a pic once a week leading up to my second stem cell treatment in 3 weeks. Will them film the O shot and the laser. That should be pretty. Haha

I am beyond blessed to be able to have such a loving doctor and staff that cared enough to let me do these treatments. I pray that one day these will be available for all LS suffers. Love you guys.

About me

I starting having the unbearable itch in my early 20’s. my boyfriend would wake me up because I would scratch in my sleep. One night having sex I tore so bad about 3 inches and almost down to pelvic bone deep in my labia fold. The ER Dr’s were amazed and had everyone come in the room and take a peek. From then on I went down hill. Painful tearing when trying to have sex, blisters, fissures, a white cigarette looking film that would peel away. I went to several different doctors. Dermatologist, gynecologist, vulvadynia specialist. I was misdiagnosed but all the same I started clobetasol and estrogen cream. I started drinking to much and doing drugs to ease the mental pain and physical pain. I did a lot of damage. Still went to more doctors who always prescribed me more steroids. The steroids helped but did not stop the disease. During bad flares I would have steroid injections in my butt. I have tried every natural remedy I have read about. I found emu oil to be a great lubricant. At this point I have fused completely. My clitoris is long gone as is my labia minors. The entrance to vagina is so small I can barely fit a tampon in me. I have felt like I am not a full woman and have had times of severe depression due to this awful disease.

6 years ago I decided to get sober and started a journey of self love with many slips and falls. When I was in rehab I went to UCLA dermatology and had my biopsies and finally got the diagnoses to what I already knew I had. I also went to Dr. Nathan Newman to ask about stem cells in that area but couldn’t afford it. I tried having sex( lasted about 1 minute due to pain) and accidentally got pregnant and had a little boy who has been my reason for living. Obviously had to have him via c section because doctors said I would be wearing a colostomy bag if I had him vaginally. I haven’t had a relationship in 10 years and have given up on even trying. . Fast forward to now and I have a Dr friend who was interested in helping me. This is my journey now to see if it works.

My heart is full!

Thank you Dr. Ball for caring about my suffering and my broken vagina. For studying this disease that so many don’t know about and starting me on the path to a more normal life. Thank you to the entire CSI staff for helping assist in this. I cried and hugged Dr. Zakhireh this morning at my check up because it’s the first time in years I look down and see a vagina and have zero itch or pain.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life. In their most basic form they are undifferentiated cells, that is, they are assigned no particular role in organ development.

What makes stem cells stand out in the body make-up is their versatility. From their undifferentiated state, they have the ability to develop into many different types of cells. These include blood cells, muscle cells and brain cells. They also have the capability to divide endlessly and are capable of self-renewal. They thus provide a virtually limitless supply and, from a medical standpoint, stem cells are invaluable in the process of healing as they serve as the body’s own repair system in case of disease or injury.

Medical research has increasingly turned the focus on curative and healing processes that the body itself supplies. Whereas most curative regimens have hitherto focused on external stimuli to treat disease, advances in the medical field have looked to the human body itself to supply the materials and mechanisms to treat any disorders that may beset it.

Stem cell therapy is used to treat various conditions including heart disease, kidney disorders and liver disease. Stem cells are additionally used to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, autism, diabetes, infertility, orthopaedic and other sport-related injuries. Stem cells are also particularly effective when used in anti-aging therapies.

My before and after

This before is 2 days before stem cell therapy and after was taken the evening of surgery. The blue marks are marker from where the doctor marked to show where my clitoris use to be. He injected a lot of stem cells to that area. He wants to see if some of the atrophy there will subside from just stem cells.

He froze enough for another round in 30 days, then PRP 2 weeks later followed by Co2 fractional laser.